What to do when a death occurs?

What to do when a loved one dies? When Jeanne Kiefer’s mother died at 93 under hospice care, the nurse knew whom to call and what to do, so the death and its immediate aftermath were, in Kiefer’s words, “peaceful” and “seamless.” She and her sister had discussed end-of-life arrangements—the hospice nurse and counselor “bring

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Funeral Etiquettes you should remember

When you are thinking of attending a funeral, it is often a good idea to keep the tips below in mind to ensure that you are as respectful as possible to the bereaved. Keep time Always make sure to arrive early, more than a few minutes before the service starts. Most of the delayed funeral

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Why you should plan ahead?

Ease the Uncertainty of the Unexpected Few of us are prepared for the death of someone we love. Those left behind struggle with many difficult questions: What type of funeral service would my loved one want? What specific Jewish traditions and customs would be meaningful to my loved one and the survivors? What arrangements can

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