Funeral Etiquettes you should remember

When you are thinking of attending a funeral, it is often a good idea to keep the tips below in mind to ensure that you are as respectful as possible to the bereaved.

Keep time
Always make sure to arrive early, more than a few minutes before the service starts. Most of the delayed funeral services out there are normally attributed to the attendants coming late. By making sure that you are on time, you can ensure that the service starts in a timely fashion and it shows your respect.

Sign the registry in an appropriate manner
Always sign the document with your first and last name, and also include your relationship to the deceased.

Avoid seeking out the family before the service
When you find that the family members are greeting other people during the service, try and keep your interaction with them minimal, so that you can give them time to greet all the guests in attendance.

Be respectful
Avoid things such as eating during the service. Keep your phone on silent mode, and quietly exit the service if you think you are going to be overly emotional to avoid disrupting the service. If asked to say something, try keeping it brief and respectful. Also, avoid taking photos as much as possible; this can be misconstrued as a violation of privacy in a funeral situation.

Be respectful towards urns
If an urn is displayed at a service, do not touch the urn as it could be considered disrespectful to the deceased or the family.

Avoid going to the service with children if you think they are going to be a distraction, such as if they are fussy. If the children have to attend the service, they should be told what to expect so as to be able to behave appropriately. Families with small children should consider sitting near the back in case they need to leave the service without disrupting.

Show respect to the bereaved by wearing the appropriate clothes (subdued colors and non-provocative clothing). In some situations, different attire may be appropriate for a funeral. If the deceased or the family have made special requests then different clothing (bright colors or specific clothing) is acceptable.

Weare Mask

Remember, masks are to protect others from you, please be respectful to others by fully covering your nose and mouth with an adequate mask. If you feel sick or been in contact with someone who has been, stay at home in isolation. Some services are stream live on our website.

When going to a graveside service, you should keep the following tips in mind:

  • Don’t park on the grass
  • Remove your hat during the service
  • Avoid walking directly on graves
  • Don’t engage in photography unless expressly permitted

Be discreet when offering any kind of help to the deceased’s family
When you arrive at a wake or funeral, it’s often recommended that you go to offer your sympathy to the family before joining others in attendance.


by Departing Decisions | May 15, 2014

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